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VirtualMedicalGroup.com is the leader for secure and convenient online patient-physician interactions! Patients are demanding this service and you can now join Virtual Medical Group to meet this demand and earn extra revenue without adding additional overhead.

We have established a national network of Board Certified physicians who treat patients for non-urgent conditions and we have created care templates so your review of the medical history can be comprehensive.

At this time, the majority of our treatment plans are for non-urgent conditions and we have created care templates so your review of the medical history can be comprehensive.

Virtual Medical Group provides the tools so that physicians and patients can establish a physician-patient relationship online in a secure and confidential manner. We route patients to you and pay you on a fixed fee-per-patient. You can log on when you wish.

At Virtual Medical Group, we have focused on quality health care. We have credentialing standards that exceed the National Committee on Quality Assurance’s and we have a Quality Assurance Committee that meets quarterly. To underscore our commitment to quality online patient care, we:

  • Established a national physician network that ensures that patients are treated by Board Certified physicians
  • Provide secure physician-patient online communication through Secure Socket Layer encryption
  • Implemented NCQA standards in our Virtual Medical Group physician credentialing process
  • Use patient care templates that are designed and approved by our physician led Quality Assurance Committee
  • Have a pharmacist on staff who can screen for any drug interactions
  • Provide automatic follow-up for each patient that is treated by a Virtual Medical Group physician.

By joining our group, physician members receive:

  • Additional revenue without additional overhead.
  • The ability to conduct online or telephone consultations for Virtual Medical Group patients who reside in the states in which you are licensed
  • A guaranteed secure and confidential online environment for you to interact with your patients
  • Healthy reminders and health maintenance guidelines sent to your online patients
  • Web-enabled tools that allow you to communicate with your existing patients for initial and follow up care as well as prescription refills
  • The assurance of documented follow-up
  • The assistance of a qualified pharmacist at your disposal

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